The Good Suite


Alongside the development of The Good Suite, several sample application are developed that use The Good Suite. The idea is that they show what the suite can do. It may also be used as a starting point to see how certain tasks can be accomplished using The Good Suite.

Currently all that's here is a link to the samples on github, but the idea is that they will also be hosted here on this site. The samples are governed by the same license as The Good Suite itself.

The Provided (and planned) Samples


The forum is currently the only sample present. It is sample forum software and displays how software as powerfull as a forum can easily be created using The Good Suite. It will be hosted here once it is considered to operate well enough. This has become quite an important goal to aim for, as this piece of software will also be used for the forum of this site.


The chat is a sample that is in the planning, but no code has been written for yet. The chat is meant to display the capabilities of The Good Suite when it comes to ajax-driven single page sites. Those capabilities are currently very limited, so that's something that will have to be improved upon before this sample can be written.

The GoodLooking Sample

The GoodLooking Sample does exist, but it currently resides among the source of The Good Suite itself. That's not a good place for it and as such it will be moved to the samples in the future.

This sample is simply a template with a fake application behind it. The idea was that the template showed what the templating engine was capable of and in the process of doing so, tried to push it as far as it could. What makes this sample interesting is that it actually predates The Good Suite itself and played an important role in defining the template syntax even before it could be used.