The Good Suite

About The Good Suite

The Good Suite is at the moment basically my (Jasper Horn's) pet project. Its origins lie in the fact that I was unsatisfied with not being able to find any templating engine other than Smarty while I didn't like the syntax of smarty. As such, I started work on my own templating engine.

One of the key problems wss that I was unwilling to get a whole framework in order to do the one thing I wanted: templating. That problem may seem to be forgotten as the project has grown to be an entire framework itself, but in fact it isn't. The idea is that if you only want a templating engine, you only get the templating engine (GoodLooking) and you're set. You don't even need to install anything else. The modularity of The Good Suite should ensure that anyone can use without limiting what useful features the framework can provide.