The Good Suite


This is yet another practically empty page on this website. However, this page has a higher priority to get filled than most parts. That's because a community is everything for open source.

Mailing lists

Perhaps the most iconic of Open Source media is the mailing list. However, this website is hosted on a shared host and the provided mailing list software does not meet the requirements. As such, we will be using an external mailing list. This should be set up soon.


You can expect to find a forum here in the future. It has been decided that the forum this site will run will be the GoodSamples Forum, which is simply not yet ready for use. However, it is running in a prototype and its inclusion on this site makes its development a priority


It has not yet been decided whether this project will have a chat in the future, but it's clear that for now there are too few people on the project (only me) as well as too few people using it for this to make any sense. Whether the chat will be IRC, the GoodSamples Chat if we have one in the future is still undecided.

Issue Tracker

Though it could be considered part of the community of The Good Suite, its issue tracker can be found under Get Involved.